Monday, January 10, 2011

This week at Target...Scrubbing Bubbles, Special K, Kashi, floss, and more...

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I managed to make it out today (Wednesday), the ice is finally melting!  I have posted some updates based on prices in my store...

The snow day has been good for me to be able to search for good deals.  Unfortunately, I can't get out to the stores to take advantage of them yet!  Here are some ideas for your next trip out to Target...

~hot cocoa goldfish (in the aisle with all the other flavors) is supposedly ringing up at .21   I'm interested to see if we can find these in Charlotte!  didn't see these :(

~Reach floss .97   Use the $1Q to make it free (also free at HT with SD but likely out of stock!)
-$1 off Reach floss printable, RP 10/10, RP 1/2, have also seen on  these are .97 everyday, so a good idea to keep in mind when you see these Qs pop up on, etc   Always a good extra to donate. 

~Nature made fish oil vitamins (just a good deal that I personally need, so wanted to throw it out there in case) $5
-$2Q SS 1/2 = $3 

~Scrubbing Bubbles fresh brush starter kit and toilet cleaning gel (gel is 2.50)
-Free fresh brush starter kit WYB toilet clean gel 1/9 SS
(scrubbing bubbles cleaning item)
2.50 + price of fresh brush - FREE Q - (2) .50 TQ = 1.50 for gel and brush
the gel was $4, so I'm hanging on to the Qs. 

~Special K (see previous post) can get boxes for .60-.75 each!
Not all varieties are ringing up at 2.50 even though they were marked on the end aisle.  My cashier adjusted the price for me.

~crunch n clean cat treats on price cut for 1.49
-1.50 1/9SS = FREE

~Kashi cereal deal (Thanks to My Frugal Adventures for the scenario idea)

1. Sign up at Recycle Bank.  When you do, register without activating your account.  This should credit your account with 25 points.

2.  Go into your account and you will see a link to join the conversation about reusing — through Ebay. Click this link and follow the prompts to get a quick 50 points in your account

3.  You can also add another 30 points when you take the MillerCoors sustainability quiz here.

4. You can also add 30 points through a juice quiz

With 90 points you can cash in to get a $3 off Kashi Cereal printable coupon. (I've read this is a bricks Q so  you can back space and print two)

Once you get the coupons try this:

Buy 2 boxes of Kashi for $2.99
Use (2) $3/1 coupons from Recyclebank (you can stop here and just get 2 boxes free.  Or you can get a 3rd box for $.47)
Use $1.50/3
Target coupon
and Use $1/1 Kashi printable coupon
Your final price is .47 for all 3 boxes

I don’t know how long that printable coupon will last on Recyclebank so you may want to do this sooner rather than later.

Some have found peelies on the boxes of cereal for $3 off fresh fruit when you buy 3 Kashi, so you might keep an eye out for those.


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