Sunday, January 9, 2011

Dry winter skin? Aveeno is to the rescue!



In my house we go through Aveeno about as quickly as we do milk.  Eczema has made Aveeno lotions and washes and oatmeal baths our best friend!  So I am super excited about this rebate deal...

Buy three products IN ONE TRANSACTION from the following brands: Ambi, Aveeno, Clean and Clear, Lubriderm, Purpose, Roc between 1/7/11-1/31/11.  Submit the original receipt and the rebate form.  They will mail you a coupon for a free full size Aveeno lotion. 

Check out all the details and get the rebate form, along with many Qs at this website.  There are also the coupons in today's inserts. 




There might be tons of deals out there, and I am a big fan of buying what you need and use instead of just buying anything to get the deal.  The deal I took advantage of is buying three 6oz Lubriderm lotions at HT.  They are 3.99 minus the 1.50 Q (which doubles through Tues).  So I paid $3 total for three smaller bottles of lotion (they are a good size to keep in the car) and will get a full size Aveeno for free!  I'd love to hear if you find other deals too! 

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