Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Bueller, Bueller....

Okay, so I've taken a little unannounced break from the blog.  Sorry!  But I return with a renewed vision about the difference we can make.  As I was "buying" pasta yesterday, I had a great conversation with my 5 year old about how it is important that we always help others with the resources we have.  And when we can increase the volume of our resources through coupons then we can make an incredible impact!  My hope for the new year is that word of the couponing lifestyle spreads and others find ways to not only improve their family spending habits, but take the opportunity to share the deals with those truly in need a little help. 

For more information on how to incorporate coupons into your shopping, Jenny's website www.southernsavers.com is full of information.  I don't believe in "going all out" and driving around town for every deal.  But if  you are thoughtful about purchases and organized with your deals, you won't need to!


So I am back (and just in time for Super Doubles!)  I hope you will join me in these adventures in 2011!  Here's a coupon to get you started...Mueller's has a .55 Q on their website (http://www.muellerspasta.com/coupons/list).  Various types of pasta go on sale regularly at both Bi-Lo and Harris Teeter, so when the Q doubles the pasta is entirely free.  You will be able to use two at HT in each purchase, but at Bi-Lo you can buy a reasonable amount in each transaction.  This Q is a PDF and is good for a month from when you print it.  Some of the smaller boxes are under 1.10 regular price, so it will be free even without a sale!  So enjoy a free pasta dinner!  Even more than that, enjoy sharing some free pasta with others!  

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