Friday, January 7, 2011

Here's an example of what your receipt could look like!

Curious what an actual trip looks like?  Here's an example from today.  I don't know who was more excited about my savings today, me or my 5 year old!  To see the exact locations for the coupons used, look a tthe HT list in a previous post.

(2) Success Jasmine Rice boil in bag (cooking right now!) on sale for 1.50 each...(2) $1 Qs from All You magazine=Free

(4) Ziploc container packages on sale BIGI making them 1.75 each...(2) 1.50/2 Qs (printables and inserts) = .25 each package

(2) XXL Ziploc bags (the kind used for storage in the closet/garage) on a crazy price for 1.94 each instead of 6.55 each...(2) $1Qs = Free   (these Qs were in the 1/2/11 insert)

(2) Kikkoman soy sauce and (1) terryaki on sale for $2 each...(3) $1 IP = Free

(2) Yakisobi noodles (like Ramen)....50 insert Q = Free

(1) Biltmore salad dressing (marinating tonight's chicken) on sale BIGI for $2 ...$1 insert Q = Free

(3) packages of chicken on sale B1G2.  The way it rings up when you buy 3, each one rings up at 1/3 the price.  So roughly 6 pounds of chicken for 9.36

(2) Mueller's pasta on sale for 1.00...(2) .55 Q = Free

(1) Kikkoman terryaki on sale for $2 ... $1 IP = Free

(1) Biltmore salad dressing on sale BIGI for $2 ...$1 insert Q = Free


So overall I paid $11.43 total and saved $72.40!  I am super excited about the chicken prices!!!  4 items doesn't feel like much to donate from one trip, but if you add together 4 here, 6 there, 5 from another get the point.  It all adds up!  So I hope this helps to show an example of a trip.  (FYI-Park Rd Shopping Center still had good stock) Enjoy your bargain hunting! 

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