Monday, January 10, 2011

It's a SPECIAL time at Target!

Thank you to Totally Target for posting that the Special K coupon has reset.  I also didn't realize that the price cut was good through 1/22 at Target, so I'm very excited to score some more cheap Special K cereal.  Who knew a 5 year old could be so picky about "corn flakes"--he loves this brand!  Anyone who knows me knows that I will not pay $3.xx for his "corn flakes" though :)  So I am stocking up!  For the scenario below you will probably need another computer to print some extra Qs or you can ask a friend to share.  As always, your experience with stock, prices, and available Qs may differ, but here is an idea of a best-case scenario...


Special K cereal is on sale through 1/22 for 2.50 each. 
~Buy 6 boxes of cereal
~Use three BIGI Qs that are printing from the Special K website.  (You can print two by hitting the back key, but will need another computer/account for the third)
~Use 1 MQ for $1/3 from 1/2 RP (this Q attaches to the 3 you buy, the BIGI Qs attach to the three free boxes)
~Use three Target coupons for $1/2 (you can pair a TQ and MQ for the same item)
I would give the Qs in the order of the BIGI, $1/3 MQ, TQs

So the math looks like this:
Buy 6 boxes of cereal at 15.00-7.50 (BIGI Qs) -$1 (MQ) - $3 (3 TQs) = 3.50 for 6 boxes or just under .60 a box!  Enjoy your cereal!   There is also a TQ for $1/3 special K, so if you can't round up three $1/2 then it would be .75 a box...still great! You can play around with the math if you need to buy fewer boxes b/c you have fewer Qs (you could buy 4, uses 2 BIGI and 2 TQ for .75 each, for example)

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