Monday, January 17, 2011

Scrubbing Bubbles, Garnier, and Axe at Target

Tonight I went to Target to look for some light bulbs, etc to get prepared to redesign my kids' rooms this weekend.  Somehow, I stumbled into some other awesome deals too!  I hope you are able to find these too!



Scrubbing Bubbles power sprayer starter kits are 6.99.  The blue bottle is on clearance for 5.94.  There is a $5 off Q in the    1/9 SS.  Match that with the .50 off any scrubbing bubbles TARGET COUPON and you have a huge bottle of shower cleaner for .44!  I mean really, from $7 to is that not awesome!




Also, if you have the 12/5 inserts still, there is a $2 Q for Garnier.  Match that with the $2 TARGET COUPON and you can buy the Nutri-pure face cloths for .04.  They are on price cut at my store for 4.04.  (you'll find them in the aisle with the face soaps and cleansers). 





And the Axe gift packs (two body washes and a scrub for men) are on clearance for 4.50.  I didn't have a Q, not sure that there is one, but will probably still pick some up.

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