Friday, August 6, 2010

Clipping For A Cause - Charlotte...the beginnings

A little bit about Clipping For A Cause - Charlotte…I have been seriously couponing for almost a year. My stockpile exists in several rooms (my husband thinks he has his own personal grocery store at home). I do so well with couponing that I’ve nearly halved my grocery budget and still fill a bag weekly to donate to Loaves and Fishes. So how do I put this information about couponing to good use? I still felt like there was more to do, more ways to help. That’s when I read an article on about Heather’s efforts with Clipping For A Cause in Georgia. AMAZING! In just 5 months time, they have spent $60.37, saved $1,652.33, and donated 3,525 items. AMAZING! (yes, it’s worth repeating!) I knew instantly that I could expand these efforts into Charlotte. (Click on the link on the right side bar for even more information and inspiration about Heather and her group of dedicated neighbors.) So, I have reached out to several different sources in hopes that we can get a weekly roundup of inserts and accomplish great things to improve the quality of life for our neighbors in Charlotte. We will be donating the items to the St. Giles Pantry of Loaves & Fishes.

WHO and HOW Loaves & Fishes helps…Founded in 1975, Loaves & Fishes is a network of 18 emergency food pantries across Charlotte. Through the efforts of over 600 volunteers and food drives, Loaves & Fishes provides a week’s worth of nutritious groceries to those in crisis. Neighbors in our community turn to Loaves & Fishes for help due to a job layoff, extreme medical bills, lack of child support, domestic violence, raising grandchildren on a fixed income…any number of reasons that people are having to make tough decisions daily like choosing between purchasing basic food items, paying rent, or purchasing medicine.

So as you read this blog my hope is that you will find money-saving deals for your own family pantry and inspiration to help Charlotte’s food pantries. And if you have extra inserts or a pair of scissors and want to be involved, we would love to have you join us in Clipping For A Cause – Charlotte!

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  1. Hooray Emily! I'm so excited to be part of your "team". -Jennifer W.