Sunday, August 15, 2010

A few thoughts on CVS 8/15-8/21

Here are a few ideas for CVS this week.  These two deals are not their ECB deals, so if you have not familiarized yourself yet with that program, no worries.  As you get more comfortable with couponing, I suggest you enter the world of "CVSing" many free products to be had!  This week I will focus on three deals that just require the card (for the sale price) and the coupon (and a little pocket change for the tax). 

Lindsay Olives $1
5/2 RP $1 coupon = FREE

SOBE life water BOGO
play game at and you may win a BOGO Q (remember to take off your pop up blocker before playing and if you win the coupon, remember the hint about printing then backspacing to print your second Q).   = two FREE

Right guard/Dry Idea deodorant BOGO
7/25 RP BOGO coupon = two FREE
$3 off 2 (leave zip blank or enter 90210) there are some that are 3.29, many at 4.49 
= two for .29 or two for 1.49

CVS policy states that you may combine a BOGO manu Q with their BOGO sale price and receive both items for free.  Love, Love, Love this about CVS!!  You do have to always buy both items on their BOGO sales in order to get the 2nd one free, though.  That is different from some area grocery stores where their items ring as half price.  So always keep that in mind.

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