Friday, August 6, 2010

Making a difference with pennies...8/4-8/10

Each week I will highlight items that you can buy for next to nothing using sales at Bi-Lo and Harris Teeter. (there will always be more good deals, these are just the ones I feel would make the most impact as a donation for the least impact on your budget.  I highly suggest for more couponing info!) If you are new to the art of couponing you may not have collected the coupons listed yet…that’s okay. Even if you find a Q for one item, that’s one more than before! And if you have turned semi-professional in couponing, you may not have it either because you’ve used it on a previous good deal. There’s always a deal out there waiting for you! So get those scissors ready!!

(SS=Smart Source insert, RP=Red Plum insert, PG= P&G insert; BOGO= buy one get one…can buy just one and it rings at half price)

BI-LO (Charlotte area Bi-Lo stores double up to .99)

X-14 toilet bowl cleaner 1.49 BOGO 75 -.55 Q (SS 5/02, SS 7/25)= FREE

Peter Pan Peanut Butter 2.70 BOGO…so 1.35 - .60 Q (SS 8/01) = .15

Colgate toothpaste 2.79 BOGO…so 1.39 - .50Q (SS 7/25) = .39

HARRIS TEETER (double up to .99, limit of 20 Qs per day)

Buy 10 Kellogg’s, Keebler, Sunshine, Eggo and Morningstar Farms items, get $10 off your next order

There are NUMEROUS opportunities with this promotion! I will highlight a few of my transactions. First, let’s list some of the products on sale with good Q match-ups.

Nutri Grain bars 50% off…1.77 - .75Q (SS 8/01) = .27

Poptarts 50% off…1.09 - $1 off 2 (6/13 RP, 7/11 RP)= buy 2 for .59 each

Special K cereal 1.74 - $1 off 2 (7/25 RP) = buy 2 for 1.24 each

Frosted flakes 1.69, Froot Loops 1.59 – 1.25/3 (6/27 RP) = buy 3 at 1.17-1.47 each

(there are also Internet printable coupons for many of these products)

So tonight I walked up to the cashier and just by looking at my items she said, “Oh, you want that $10 off coupon!”  Why, yes I do!! So here was my transaction tonight ( had two coupons each for pop tarts, special K, nutri grain):

4 Special K cereal…regular price 13.96, I paid 6.96- $2Q = 4.96 for four

4 poptarts…regular price 8.76, I paid 4.36- $2Q = 2.36 for four

2 nutri grain…regular price 7.10, I paid 3.54 - $3Q= .54 for two

1 small loaf of French bread to make bruschetta, 1.29

All of that, including tax, was 9.54 AND I have a $10 off your next order coupon, so essentially FREE. Gotta love it!

Tomorrow I will buy 6 froot loops (for my husband) and four pop-tarts. I also have three Qs from a booklet found in the store for $2 off store brand baggies when you buy two of certain Kellogg’s cereal. So I will have 3 boxes of baggies, 6 boxes of cereal, 4 boxes of pop-tarts, some peace in the house because my husband has his sugary cereal instead of my healthy kind…all for 9.40. I will use my $10 off from today and will have made .60 on the deal, plus have another $10 off coupon for my next order!!! Just think about the power of a sale like this to help out Loaves and Fishes!!!!!

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