Sunday, August 8, 2010

The power of coupons!

Wow.  I just tallied my list of items that are being donated to Loaves and Fishes through Clipping For A Cause - Charlotte.  Keep in mind that this is purely from my collection of coupons (and with the aid of an unbelievable Kellogg's promotion right now!).  IMAGINE what these numbers would look like with 5 more inserts, 10 more, 15 more...WOW!  I can feel the impact already and it feels so incredible!  I started keeping track of the donations on July 30th, and to date (which is 10 days if you are on summer time like me and aren't quite sure which day it is)  CFC-C has donated 44 items, saved $99.49, and spent a grand total of.....drum roll please...$1.23!!  See, I told you we could help in great ways for only pennies.  Happy Clipping!

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