Friday, August 13, 2010

Donation Day!

Today my kids and I took over the 9 bags of food Clipping for a Cause - Charlotte has collected over the past week...spent only $1.43 on the donation that weighed in at 153 pounds!  That is amazing and will be put to such good use!  So for all of you thinking, "but I'm just one person" can do it!  This was done only with my personal supply of coupons.  Imagine what it will look like when we get extra inserts donated!  And that is where we are right now, in the early stages of spreading the word to collect inserts.  So for now we can add a few items each week from our own shopping lists.  For example, I don't usually eat much canned soup.  So this week I'm getting it free at HT and Bi-Lo and those items go directly into my Loaves & Fishes bag.  It's not an extra trip (or in this case even extra money).  Then I just write down what I spent, saved, and number of items to add to the grand total.  If you are in the Charlotte area and want to join us in this adventure, email me at so I can keep you up to date on the dates/times of our clipping parties. 

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