Monday, August 9, 2010

This is the pantry that Kellogg’s built…

If Jack built the house then Kellogg’s certainly built our pantry! I cannot believe how much this deal at Harris Teeter is turning out to be a money maker! If you haven’t taken advantage of it yet, you still have through Tuesday night. Here are a few hints: for your initial purchase try to aim for the lowest out of pocket (OOP), this will give you a smaller “start up fee”. For example, with coupons the nutri-grain will be .27, corn flakes simply cinnamon cereal .14, fiber plus .50, poptarts 1.09 (or cheaper is you have a coupon). So try to start with some of those. There were new coupons this week for the corn flakes and fiber plus, plus you can print them from . Remember that HT has a strict coupon policy (familiarize yourself with it on their website…no more than 20 coupons doubled per card per day; in any one purchase you can only use two internet printables (IP) and three newspaper coupons for each identical item. (you can use more than the 2/3 limit over separate transactions though, and if you had 2 IP and 3 newspaper you could use all 5 at once and buy 5 identical items). There are infinite possibilities, but here is an example transaction to get you started:

2 nutrigrain 1.77-1.50 (75Q from SS 8/01 doubled)= .27 each x 2= .54

2 fiber plus cereal 1.99- 1.50 (75 Q doubled from 8/8 or = .50 each x2 = 1.00

2 corn flakes simply cinnamon 1.64 – 1.50 (.75Q doubled from 8/8 or = .14 each x 2= .28

4 pop tarts 1.09 -1.25 off three (print from ) =4.36-1.25 = 3.11

So now you have 10 items for 4.93 and you will get a printed coupon (called a catalina) for 10.00 off your next purchase. Now, from any purchase here on out you have 10.00 to play with. I still try to get the cheapest configuration of 10 of the specified items so that I can “buy” other items, like ketchup or peanut butter before reaching my $10. Even if you had no coupons, you could buy 10 pop tarts for 10.90, minus the $10 coupon, and pay $1.12 including tax for 10 pop tarts AND have $10 to spend on your next purchase. This runs through August 14th, but the 50% off of items like eggos, kellogg’s cereal, nutri-grain bars, pop tarts all ends Tuesday. No worries though, because Super Doubles starts Wednesday! (HT will double all coupons up to 1.99, so a 1.50 coupon now becomes worth $3).

Today I made several trips (hey, I’m on summer vacation!) and bought my family several nutri-grain bars, pop tarts, as well as the peanut butter, bananas, and ketchup I rolled into my deals. My main purpose for the multiple trips though was to see what I could collect for the St. Giles pantry. Today alone CFC-C collected 51 items (cereal and poptarts), saving 116.84 and spent a whopping .20! Now I will make a disclaimer that these kinds of bargains are special, not every week is like this. That’s why I’m okay with spending a little extra effort when they do roll around.

My biggest advice when it comes to couponing is to take small steps if you are getting overwhelmed…focus on one store or one set of deals, ask questions, then expand as you are comfortable. Happy clipping!

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