Monday, April 18, 2011

Bathroom supplies and Games...


Here are a few good freebies to mention...I was so excited to add some of these items to my stash of donations for Charlotte's new Ronald McDonald House! 

image image Target has Nivea for women body wash regular price 3.04.  Use the $3 Q from 4/17 to pay .04 :)  I have also read that it is 2.99 at Walmart.  There was also a $3 Q for the body wash for men, making that free also at Walmart (the men's was $4 at Target).



CVS has aquafresh kids toothpaste (the pump) and toothbrushes included in their 5/$5 sale.  Use the Qs from 4/17 to make them free :)  If CVS is out (they typically are of the hot items), just ask for a raincheck and go back before the Q expires. 



CVS also has some reach toothbrushes and floss included in the 5/$5 deal.  Use the Qs from 4/17 to make them free :)  You can also usually get this floss free at Target using the $1 Q...I think their regular price is .97. 



There are also great deals on various board games at Target (also donated to the RMH of Charlotte!!)...

image image image image

All coupons for these game can be found at the HASBRO website

Monopoly on sale for $8
-$3 Q = $5

Connect Four on sale for $8
-$3Q= $5

Candy Land and Chutes and Ladders 6.49 each, B1G1 50% off
-$2Q (print two, one for each game) = 5.74 (2.87 each)

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