Monday, April 18, 2011

Allergy medicine at Target


So there was a $5 Q in the 4/17 insert for Allegra allergy medicine.  There is also a PRINTABLE $2TQ. Stack the two together and you have $7 in savings.  Depending on how big of a supply you need and what kind of savings you want, you have lots of options:

5ct 6.78 = .22 overage

12ct 11.39 = 4.39

15 ct 12.34 = 5.34

30 ct 17.99 = 10.99



There was also a $7 Q in 4/17 inserts for zyrtec.  My store had these for 18.19.  There was a PRINTABLE $4TQ (not sure if it is still available b/c I already printed mine).  I also found bonus packs of 40 instead of 30, making them $7.19 for 40 tablets. 

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