Saturday, August 6, 2011

Food Lion-free splenda and paper towels

I veered a little from my normal couponing path today and went to a grocery store that is not a part of my regular routine.  I just couldn't resist getting these deals, so I stopped into Food Lion while I was out running errands (even had to sign up for their MVP card, that's how off course I was!) 

Splenda Essentials (80 packets) on sale for 3.00
-3.00 7/31 SS = FREE

Marcal Paper towels single roll 1.00
-1.00 7/31 RP = FREE

I bought three of each and paid only .30 total (all tax).  Love this!  I'm hoping these items will be helpful to the families at the Ronald McDonald House.  See how easy it is to help!!

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