Sunday, March 27, 2011

More deals at HT from the 3/27 inserts

Today's paper gave us a few more presents with coupons that can be used with Super Doubles.  There are more coupons to go along with the Dove/Degree deal.  It's so exciting to be able to give things like toothpaste and pasta to Loaves and Fishes for FREE!  Some of the cleaning supplies that I am collecting are going to go to Charlotte's new Ronald McDonald house.  It feels great to give, and even better to save money while doing it!!  Happy clipping and happy sharing!



There are few varieties of Bic shavers for men and women 4-6 ct that are on sale for 2.39.  The $2 Q in the 3/27 SS will make the package .39



image $1 off two Mueller's pasta 3/27 SS.  There are various kinds on sale for $1, so buy two for FREE!




$1.50 Colgate advanced total 3/27 SS.  On sale for 2.99, so you get it for FREE!




$1 off two 33.8 oz Deer park sparkling water 3/27 RP.  On sale for .99 each, so you get two for FREE!





$1.00 off kahiki 12 oz or smaller 3/27 SS.  package of 3-4 egg rolls is on sale BOGO at 2.12 = .12

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